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10 Random Thoughts: Clea Cutthroat

Once upon a time there was a little grrrrrrrrrl named Mollie Black who grew up in that sprawling, and I do mean sprawling, suburb of Los Angeles, CA known as, the valley.

Mollie was drawn, much like Jessica Rabbit, to performing, however this is not your typical LA raised Movie Star Tale....Mollie was a goth what is a little goth chica who grew up in sunny LA to do?

Flee to Berlin, Germany, and ebmrace her darkside, of course, here to address 10 Random Thoughts from yours truly is Berlin's Queen Of The Underground Scene: Ms. Clea Cutthroat ...!

The word alone makes my mind immediately spin to Sally Bowles’s infamous emerald green finger nails. It also makes me think to all of the bad cabaret shows that I did in New York. Oh, I have some really goooooooood friends for coming to support me at whatever random, weird restaurant with the strange, no budget cabaret show I was dancing in. I guess that is why God created the 2 drink minimum. Of course, “cabaret” also makes me think to Berlin…but, I don’t go to cabarets here. Is that wrong? If so, the Pope I hear is still in Germany, so maybe he can absolve me of my sins ;)

“That gal in the dress that always says ‘yes’”,

Sometimes I fall a bit behind on TV series, being over here in Berlin, but I just recently found “The Search for the Next Elvira” while I was on my last tour. I must admit I did feel a bit ashamed that I didn’t know of it before, but I tossed that guilt into the pile of dead virgins lying at Elvira’s feet, and devoured every episode in about one night. No joke. I was totally addicted from the first second. Needless to say, the next night, my wigs were all getting ratted, sprayed and I was Elivra-fied. I think it is completely fair to say that next to Madonna, Elvira is one of my favorite female Icons.”My name’s Elvira, but you can call me ‘tonight’”.
ELVIRA!!!! Love her! But, does anyone not love her? Who better to idolize when you’re a little Goth girl growing up in the San Fernando Valley?

That word makes me happy. Yes, happy. But, it has a total positive connotation to me. When you say blood, I immediately think: life, warm, show, performance, glitter, audience, fake blood with strawberry taste….and I did it waaaaaaaaaaaaay before Lady Gaga. Love her, but the blood thang...that’s mine J.

I have no love for “emo blood”. I have absolutely no interest in blood symbolism that is overly ripe with wallowing-self-pity-emo-whining filled-self hatred- nonsense.

I use fake blood on stage, some performers use real blood. I choose fake blood because that is within my comfort zone. For whatever innate, organic reason, blood symbolizes power, overcoming obstacles, and release to me. I hate this “emo” imagery I see. (i.e. suicide razor blades, bloody suicide wounds, “misery loves company” imagery etc.) It’s bullshit and it’s counterproductive. Yes, there is no one that goes thru this life without a struggle, and yes, art is allowed to express anything it wants too…but, anything that is coming out of me, even though I use punk, fetish, contemporary, horror, or pop imagery, does not champion weakness or self pity.

Ok…whew! That was an unexpected rant, off to the next word!

HALLOWEEN! MY FAVORITE HOLIDAY! The Halloween craze has definitely picked up here in Berlin, over the last 5 years that I’ve been here- Thank God!

But I have no idea what to wear this year! AAAAHHHH!!!! I’m throwing a Halloween party this year, and the drag queen that I’m hosting the night with is going as a giant tampon…what goes with a tampon? A maxi pad?!?! No, no no….Hmmm, maybe I could go as a pregnant Beyonce?


Bring the Queen roses people! ROSES! Why would anyone ever think to bring her hydrangeas? I mean, its MADONNA…I wouldn’t bring her chrysanthemums, or daisies; you bring the woman roses or OFF WITH YOUR HEAD! Well, at least he didn’t give her sunflowers. Hell, maybe the point here is please don’t ever give ME sunflowers ;)

What can I really say about Madonna…First record that I ever owned, first tape I ever owned, (yes, I know I am dating myself here) and my ultimate female idol. I love her, she’s untouchable, and thank GOD she is so bitchy in all the right ways. She’s the Queen people, always and forever.

Home! Berlin is fate for me. I had never thought of leaving NYC, or the States for that matter…was all pure chance that I came to Berlin, and when I moved here, it was like golden dominos of fate just fell into place. Finally, I was in the right place, at the right time. I still love NYC, I still love the States, but Berlin is absolutely where I am meant to be at the moment.

But, if there is one thing I’ve learned…never say never…so, I don’t know if I’ll be in Berlin or Bali in 10 years, but I’m enjoying soaking in all the creativity that this city has to offer.
I’ll also be soaking in fake tanning bed rays soon! Its winter now and the days grow shorter by the second. That, I will never like, but if you keep busy enough it gets easier. Or, maybe in ten years I’ll have a winter house in Bali that I can escape too.

The first Lady of Media. She is a bold and dynamic artist. She has an amazing creative team around her and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t interested in watching her development over the next years, and there are not so many current pop artist that peak my interest in that way. She is clearly inspired by the underground scene and by artists before her…but, at the end of the day, aren’t we all? But, even if she is the First Lady of Pop, Madonna will always be my Queen.

More important than whatever fashion “Do” or “Don’t” Gaga is wearing at the moment, more than anything else she does, I have infinite respect for what she has done for the LBGT community. I applaud her for using her celebrity for championing the community, and bringing issues of tolerance, bullying, same sex marriage, “don’t ask don’t tell”, to the forefront of mainstream media. Hell, she’s meeting with Obama. So, even if you don’t like her current hair color, you have to give her due respect. She’s active, she’s vocal, she’s loud, and I do believe that she is sincerely passionate and invested in the fight.


I have to be honest; the only thing that comes to my head is a runny nose. So, I decided to Google the napkin and see if could learn some interesting fun facts to share.

I learned that napkins can be dated back to the Spartans, who used small pieces of dough to wipe their hands clean while eating. Interesting, huh? So, we went from dough, to a whole rainbow spectrum of paper napkin sizes, colors, and shapes.

Huh. Yeah, I could share more, but I lost interest, and I fear that you’re losing interest….so let’s keep it going ladies, shall we?
From napkins, to Justin Bieber. Well, I don’t think that the Spartans used small pieces of Justin Bieber to clean their hands…but they sure could’ve taken a cue from his manicured eyebrows. I mean, how old is he? 16? And his eyebrows are puuuurfekt. Somehow that kind of freaks me out. My second revelation about him is that he has a women’s perfume called Someday. Ick.

It all just makes me roll my eyes, gag up my vanilla latte, and toss up my hands in frustration. WHY!?! But then…I have a clear flash back. A memory that I’ve tried to delete, that I’ve tried to hide…but let’s be honest…when I was 14, I had NKOTB bed sheets. Yes, sheets. So, really…Go Justin! Cuz, if I was 14 now, I would still have Madonna posters all over my wall, and I would still be praying every night to somehow get cleavage like Elvira…and I would be rocking the Bieber manicured eyebrow.

That’s easy: punk, and, (drum roll please) BOWLING! I can talk a great game, but I am absolutely the gutter-ball-bowling-princess. Well, and if we take the word “gutter” to bowling, I gotta be sure to mention one of my favorite movies: The Big Lebowski!

And you know, I think bowling is just a nice way to wrap this all up. So, let’s all rock our Elvira wig, grab our beer with a dainty cocktail napkin, lace up our bowling shoes while Madonna’s “Holiday” is blasting over the sound system, and let’s throw some gutter balls right down that shiny lane. But, ya better beware- losing team gets sprayed down with Beiber’s Someday Eau deParfum.

Have a bloody good time and keep up with Clea at:!/cleacutthroat

*November she will be touring France with Bonaparte

*The Bonaparte Live DVD 0110111 (Quantum Physics & A Horseshoe) | The Movie - Release Date 11.11.11 Official Trailer:

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