Monday, October 10, 2011

It's A Beautiful "Sunrise" With Liana Conway

One listen to Liana Conway’s smooth, irresistible, confident voice, and you will be shocked to learn that she is a mere 21 years old.

With a brash, happy confidence, the Massachusetts native’s soulful vocals brings to mind cool breezes, ocean waves hitting the shore and sunny skies. Liana’s debut full length CD is the aptly titled: SUNRISE.

Get ready to smile it’s time for my one on one with Ms. Liana Conway !

MS: Hey Liana, I was going over your bio just before you called something that I thought was really cool is one of your inspirations was a soul collection that your Dad had.

LC: Yeah, it was one of those Time/Life compilation tapes, I used to play it everywhere in my little red & yellow cassette player.

MS: Any particular favorite you had off of the compilation?

LC: I have to say there were a couple of Temptations songs that I really loved. It was the first time I had ever heard “Build Me Up Buttercup” here I am this little 3 year old bopping along to it. (laughs) There was so much great Pop/Soul music on there, I used to stand on my bed and belt it out! (laughs) I was a 3 year old, you know. (laughs)

MS: “Word Vomit” is what you called the musings in your journal that inspires your songs, which I found hilarious, you must be a fan of the movie “Mean Girls.”

LC: Yes, I have to admit I have seen it a few times. Funny you should pick up on that.

MS: That’s one of my favorite movies too, except I know you were much younger when it came out.

LC: I was in High School.

MS: Well then, you were younger. (laughs) You are only 21, that’s amazing, do you write all your own lyrics based on your “word vomit”? (laughs)

LC: (laughs) Some of them are mine, some of them are my producers and some we collaborate on. I’m always writing, first and foremost I am a songwriter. Being a performer and an artist kind of fell into my lap. I have always loved writing, when I first picked up a guitar I started writing songs, and put lyrics to music. I then ended up hooking up with my music producer via a mutual friend of the family. He heard my stuff and asked me to come out to Los Angeles and record a demo last year, that turned into an album and her I am. (laughs)

MS: How about performing?

LC: Well, I have to say now that I have started doing it, I have definitely gotten the performing bug. (laughs)

MS: I caught the video of you performing “You Baby” that’s very sunny, ever write anything dark?

LC: That’s funny, I am basically a very bubbly happy person. Everyone has that dark side and I am a very emotional person. When I was on the phone with my Mom yesterday, about my boy problems, and I just stopped and said: “Mom, I am absolutely crazy.” When I process my emotions, one minute I am flying high, the next minute I am crying in my bedroom. I recorded a lot of stuff that did not make the album, recording my first album has inspired me to write a lot more.

MS: Extrapolate.

LC: Recently I went through a break-up with someone I have know since I was 14. It was tough for the both of us, so yeah I do write some dark material, I have always been a writer, before I even picked up a guitar. Some of the past things I have written in my journal have really scared me. (laughs) I’m all over the map.

MS: Most everyone is.

LC: We’re all kind of crazy I guess. (laughs)

MS: Let’s talk your latest single “Beautiful Day” is it out yet?

LC: Yes, it is, it just got to radio and we are building it up right now, by starting the radio tour this week. It’s very exciting!

MS: How’s the video coming along, when do we get to see it?

LC: They just gave me the final cut of it, I am very excited, I watched it, like 19 times, I’m feeling very narcissistic, (laughs) it should be out in the next couple of weeks.

MS: Cool!

LC: All my friends and family are like: “We want to see it”!

MS: We do! Anyone in particular you would like to do a duet with?

LC: This is funny, I always get asked this question and there are so many people out there.

MS: Give me the name that would make you faint the most.

LC: Ryan Adams. I just want to talk with him, I would love to write with him, my feeling is he is as wired, as I am. My dream is to write with him, he is a huge inspiration to my music.
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