Friday, November 18, 2011

Checking In With: Filmmaker, Liz Adams

Director-Writer Liz Adams made a diabolical little horror short titled: “Side Effect.” It made a killing (pun intended) on the festival circuit picking up many awards. “Side Effect” was in fact the opening scene for her full length, equally diabolical feature script “Blood Level.”

Ms. Adams recently wrapped production on her first feature as a Director-Writer on “Air Collision” for The Asylum…Congratulations Liz!

MS: Hey Liz congrats on recently wrapping and being in post-production on your feature debut “Air Collision.”

LA: Well I am making it for The Asylum, are you familiar with them?

MS: Yes, a friend of mine just starred in a film for them called “Celebrity Sex Tape.”

LA: Oh yeah, I knew about that, that’s right. So you know all about them they make like, 12-15 movies a year. They are basically genre films, they do action, horror and of course sex comedies. Their biggest hit is “Mega Shark Vs. Giant Octopus.”

MS: That’s the one with Deborah Gibson and Lorenzo Llamas!

LA: Yeah, they are really great people! It’s a lot of fun working there.

MS: Sounds fun!

LA: It is, the initial cut ended up being 82 minutes, but it seems the SyFy Network is interested in it. They need a 90 minute cut, I was working on that this morning before your call, I am writing up another 10 to 12 pages for the Producers and it looks like we are doing some re-shoots too.

MS: Can you tell everyone the storyline?
Liz & "Air Collision" star, Jordan Ladd

LA: There is a solar flare that screws up some computers and Air Force One and a civilian plane get locked onto each other in a collision course.

MS: That sounds better than the actual “Air Force One” movie.

LA: (laughs) It’s pretty wacky, there’s a lot of crazy stuff going on. Plus there is a lot of stuff going on with air traffic control trying to save the day.

MS: Dish on an on set experience.

LA: Well air force one fires this missile at the civilian plane & the missile penetrates the hull, so we got this huge fan, we called it “Katrina” because it blows hurricane force winds (both laugh). We blew it at the extras, it was really good fun!

MS: The Asylum sounds like the new Roger Corman factory.

LA: Yes, and I think one of the partners may be a Roger Corman protogee’ actually. It’s definitely in that tradition.

MS: I love that you don’t take yourself seriously.

LA: Not at all, I do genre movies, they should be fun!

Liz & Crew with "Katrina"

MS: Totally, you directed the horror short “Side Effect” at AFI (American Film Institute).

LA: I was the first horror movie to come out of the DWW (Directing Workshop for Women)  program there. It’s a 34 year old program so it was an accomplishment.

MS: That is an accomplishment. So how’s your feature script for “Blood Level” coming along?

LA: Still working on it, I am working with a producer right now, she’s looking for money, and we are trying to get a cast attached. It’s a tricky process.

MS: Keep me posted on “Blood Level” now that I’ve got some horror cred with my role in “The Summer Of Massacre” I would love to play a faculty member in it.

LA: Oh, that would be so fun! It's out there, and I definitely have a lot of interest in it.

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