Thursday, November 10, 2011

Video: Kate Bush "Wild Man"

OK, this is not an official video, it was fan made and Kate's label approved it, thus, I am a fan so I am posting it. R U following me so far? Yeah? Awesome..!

Harkening back to my love of Kate is not hard to trace. I was in a drama group in college and was at a party for said group cut to, prententious class actress with bleached blonde hair and black lipstick and goth make-up, she takes a drag off of her cigarette: "Michael, have you ever heard of Kate Bush"? Me: "Uh, no."

Dragging dramatically again: "I think you would like her, you should really give her a listen". Well, pretentious drama classmate, thanks! I did listen and I liked her, make that love her, and I still do to this day! I can't wait for her "50 Words For Snow" album to drop on November the meantime, here is the fan video for the first single "Wild Man"....

Get yourself some Kate at:

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