Tuesday, November 22, 2011

WebTV: Heeee's Baaack, "Mr. Meatballs" Season 2

"Mr. Meatballs" Jonathan Brett
 Mr. Meatballs (Jonathan Brett) is back for season 2 of humor, commentary, and all around silliness, hey he and Life (Peter Corrigan) are here for your entertainment people...!

I must say I did have a blast last season when I was a guest star on not one, but two episodes:

"My Musical Meatballs" & "Masterpeace Theatre Part III" can I get a "Hey now" ?!

With more pop culture references than TMZ and off the wall humor than a Walmart, that's the place where they sell wall jokes...

Get yourself a pair, and take a bite of Mr. Meatballs ! Be carfeul though he might bite back...!

Season 2 Premiere Episode:

Get your fill of "Meatballs"with all the episodes at:

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