Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sandy Zacky Gets Random

Hello everyone, it's that time again, yep, time to "Get Random" and the subject in the "Entertain Me" hot seat is none other than Sandy with a "Y" not "E" Zacky.

You may recall Ms. Z from various posts on this blog most notably my chat with her about her music last year:

The ubiquitous Ms. Z took some time from her busy schedule to have some fun with me and to say "Hello" to all of her fans....OK, Sandy were waiting...let's do it!

SZ: I'm ready let's play your game. (laughs)

MS: Are you sure about that? (laughs)

SZ: Let's get to it.

MS: Singing.

SZ: The first song I ever fell in love with was "You'll Never Walk Alone".

MS: Sam Cooke.
SZ:  Oh, I love Sam Cooke, everything he ever did was amazing. I loved the inspiration he gave me, he was a very fine man.

MS: Blue Pictures.

SZ: I think those photos are fun!

MS: Solo.

SZ: That is something that I love very much, sometimes I feel insecure though.

MS: Mike Clifford.

SZ: I adore him and vocally he is perfection.

MS: One Olive Or Two.

SZ: How about five? I want more.

MS: Mary Wilson.

SZ: Such a lovely lady and what a wonderful honor to have met and gotten to know someone who has had such a great career.

MS: Show Me Talk Radio.

SZ: Adore it! Donna Linn is quite a gal, I love her! She goes for it, she is fearless.

MS: Fans.

SZ: Love them all, I can't get enough!

MS: Vitello's.

SZ: Great venue can't wait to perform there again.

MS: Tell us what the future holds for Sandy with a "Y".

SZ: Music is part of my soul and I want to keep going.

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