Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Marie Parie: 5 "Beautiful" Things

"Alien" Marie Parie is back. The Parisian pop artist has called the United States home since 2005. Her background gives her music a unique take on American society.

Bewildered with "Dating" she now delivers her personal take on beauty in the world with her new single "Beautiful".

Marie has appeared on "Entertain Me" before and I also did a full length interview with her which you can read at "Chorus and Verse"

Here to list 5 "Beautiful" Things is Ms. Marie Parie...!

1. The innocence of a child

2. The simplicity of nature that made us to a perfection, no matter what our judgment is

3. The love that bind all of us as one connectedness. never goes away no matter what chaos we caused to nature

4. The brain to understand one another

5. The heart to forgive what our brain can't explain

"Beautiful" is a journey to innocence “back to childhood, children and the inner child”. When we lose the innocence, we lose ourselves.  We are all here, and we all make theories to what make us real or not real, or what makes us human or non human “I  personally believe I’m an alien, ”, and we try to extract the truth in all that. Well, in all what we are, perceive, touch or feel; there’s beauty" - Marie Parie 

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