Monday, June 9, 2014

I Feel Pretty, Oh So "Pretty Little Liars"

The "Liars" In GQ
Tomorrow nights, the night, everything is going to be pretty...That's right the girls from the "PLL" down in the PA of Rosewood are back!

I can't wait! Wonder if we will find out who "A" is finally this season? I hope so, because I think at this point now that we all know Allison has not expired, because no one thought enough of her to renew her, that outing "A" will only forward the story.

No one will be calling the Police if they find out "A"'s true Identity because of how omniscient and powerful the "A" hand is when it is laid down.

Yep, I'm A Fan: Me & Sasha Pieterse aka "Ali"
It will be a battle of wills between the "Liars" and whoever this "A" is. I suspect that "A" is a woman, I was thinking Ali's crazy ass Mom, but, don't you think that would be too obvious?

And WTF with Ezra?! How could he not remotely be in with the "A" gang, I think, despite how they tried to make him a good guy to an extent at the end of last season, obviously he knows who the mysterious "A" is and he really is not all that and a bag of chips anyway.

OK, with that stated even with what I suspect will be the season they out the "A"-Hole there are still plenty of odd things going down in Rosewood, PA to keep this show happening.

Whatever your theory, fans of the show, of which I am a HUGE one get ready for your "PLL" addiction to be fed again!

Tune into ABC Family tomorrow night, if you dare...

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