Monday, June 30, 2014

True Blood: Eric & Jason Lock Lips

Want A Three Way?
Even though I spotted it as a dream sequence immediately at the opening of last night's episode of HBO's True Blood Jason Stackhouse's ( Ryan Kwanten) sex dream, which included one of the most passionate lip locks ever with vampire Eric Northman (Alexander Skarsgard) was blazing hot!

With all the explicit nudity and sex scenes on the show, which I do love, this kiss was amazingly off the hook!!!

I have kissed like this before and felt the passion between these two, kudos Kwanten and Skarsgard I took a cold shower after last nights episode.

Hey, I gave up on True Blood and did not watch last season, but as someone who liked it for the first three seasons I had to tune in again for it's final one.

If they keep this up to paraphrase a quote from the awesome movie Heathers:

"The show will give me shower-nozzle masturbation material for weeks"

Yippy Ki Yay!

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