Monday, June 2, 2014

Andy Cohen Kisses & Tells: "I Slept With A Celebrity"

Andy Cohen
Andy Cohen knows you want it...He's the first cable host to jump on the bandwagon of "Hollywood Kiss and Tell" journalism. 

Once upon a time there was a hot girl who slept with a famous person and presto a tabloid article was born with a nice price tag attached to it. "Yes" it's time for "I Slept With A Celebrity."

Each week two guests, mostly female will describe in explicit detail their sexual experiences with famous flesh. 

What should you expect to see?! Party Girls & Boys, Strippers, Masseurs, Masseuses, Hookers & Drug Dealers, take a number your time has come.

Andy's "What Happens Live" is already a ratings & audience darling on Bravo and, hey nothing less is expected from this, as it will air on the same network. 

So people of America if you aren't a celebrity and want to be one, here's your chance...!

Paging Trojan.

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