Sunday, June 1, 2014

Susan Olsen Remembers Ann B. Davis

Ann B. Davis aka Alice 
Ann B. Davis "Alice" the housekeeper from "The Brady Bunch" passed away today. Here with a statement from someone who knew her, and loved her, is Susan Olsen aka Cindy Brady...

I was waiting for it to reach the news before saying anything. Yes, it's true, our beloved Ann B. passed away this morning. I loved her work even before I knew and loved her. When I was five, I got the Hong Kong flu. I missed a lot of school and stayed in bed watching TV. I loved the Bob Cummings Show because I enjoyed Ann B. in the role of his secretary "Schultzy". I was overjoyed when I learned that I would be working with her on Brady Bunch. Already a fan, it was only icing on the cake to get to know her. She always treated us kids with respect and we knew we were working with greatness. I'm happy to know that she never lost her beautiful mind and razor sharp wit. She will be dearly missed by the many who knew her and the many more who felt like they did. I'm sure there is now a bright red sports car tearing up the clouds in heaven.

R.I.P. Ann B. Davis, another great childhood memory 

Ann B Davis:

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