Friday, November 21, 2014

Patricia Arquette, Straight Up

So Cool: Patricia Arquette
I have always been a fan of Patricia Arquette's. Whatever she is in she adds that extra level that makes it something special. A few of my personal favorites: True Romance, Ed Wood & David Lynch's Lost Highway.

Aside from her considerable acting talent I also have a love for the fact that she is a humanitarian and stands up for what she believes in.

One of my very favorite reports about her is how the producers of her hit series Medium requested she lose weight for the role. Nobody hits the point better than Patricia when her response was a firm "No" as she countered that her role was that of a housewife and a mother who would not look like a Victoria's Secret model.

I happened upon this tidbit between her and another favorite actress Mom of mine, Amy Adams on Jezebel here is what the site printed:

Patricia Arquette:  I had a big fight with one paparazzo.
Amy Adams: I wish I had been there to have your back.
Patricia Arquette: He kept following us. And I said, "OK, leave us the fuck alone." And he goes, "Nice, mom! Good job!" I said, "I'm teaching my daughter. If a man is following you and you tell him to go away and he doesn't, you turn around and say, 'F— you!' as loud as you can." Because there's no difference. I don't care if he has a camera.

Awesome!!! The woman is teaching her children not to talk to strangers and just because you hold a camera does not make it right for you to approach a child in any way, shape or form. So yeah paparazzi Ms. Arquette put it perfectly: F#@k you!

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