Friday, April 1, 2016

Hello Kitty, It's Shonen Knife

Punk Rocking Since The 80's
Shonen Knife!
Celebrating 35 years of Punk, the ladies of Shonen Knife drop their sixteenth studio album today titled Adventure!

And "yes" I have been a fan all of those years. One of my favorite Knife songs is their cover of The Carpenters Top Of The World from the CD If I Were A Carpenter.

Oh, a little FYI. Before you go crazy and shit like that for the Hello Kitty reference it is stated that the iconic pussy is one or their influences in their press release, Meow!

With tracks bearing titles such as Rock-n-Roll T-Shirt, Cotton Candy Clouds & Wasabi, all of which I have heard. These women give their fans what they want and expect, a fun time!

Kurt Cobain invited them to open for Nirvana in the U.S., their first venture here. They also did a bomb ass ode to "Buttercup" voiced by my friend E.G. Daily for the Powerpuff Girls

I'm gonna give you some links below to check out. If you have yet to discover this powerful grrrrrrrrrrl band, well take the invite I am extending to you for an Adventure

PS This ain't no April Fools joke, I ain't no Limburger!

Top Of The World

Ode To "Buttercup"

It's A "Knife" World

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