Thursday, October 13, 2016

Michael's Musings

It's A Dirty Job
Michael Shinafelt
As stated last week this is going to be the regular Thursday Thing on Entertain Me. Making me a man of my word and letting the world at large know I make good on my threats.

Carry on, as you were...

Anyone out there who has a "Mexican Thing" that wants to whip it out for me, please do.

Vote for Donald Trump on November 28th. While everyone else will be electing Hillary Clinton as POTUS on November 8th.

Do you ever feel like daytime is invading your privacy?

This Is Us. I. don't. get. it.

Mariah Carey is going to have her own reality show on E! this December called: Mariah's World. Which proves what I've always thought, we all just live in it.

I'm selling happiness, the kind you nibble on. The more you know.

"Take a Tic Tac and grab a pussy" - Samantha Bee

I always keep a jar of jalapenos in my refrigerator. Always.

Ever stop and wonder...???

Rhonda Bernstein nailing it with this comment: "This election has really made me miss Joan Rivers. Can you imagine what she would have said? I would never stop laughing." 

That's a wrap. 

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