Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The Nightmare Is Over

Stayin' Alive
Kathy Bates
In honor of the nightmare in Roanoke coming to an end tonight I thought it fitting to post an image of Kathy Bates out and about in the Big Apple.

Bates was truly great this season as the mentally unstable actress Agnes Mary Winstead who becomes the character she plays, Thomasin White aka "The Butcher" on My Roanoke Nightmare. The reality show pretending to be real, that ends up being true. I hope that nailed it. If not, feel free to use your own adjectives to explain the creepy shit that happened this season, that's right, that means you are on your own. 

We all know Bates does not leave this nightmare alive. It looks like that honor goes to former Police Officer Lee Harris (Adina Porter) or does it? Remember this is American Horror Story and with the way this season has turned out I would expect a huge twist in tonight's season finale.

You have been warned...

The Horror at:

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