Sunday, December 18, 2016

Happy Birthday To Me!

Baby It's Cold Outside
Michael Shinafelt
Since today is my 51st Birthday I thought: "why should I celebrate anything but myself?" Especially since the past four years have been the most challenging of my life and I have survived them. Which has made me stronger, it has also brought me to the best place I have ever been in my entire life. 

Yes, it is a day for me to celebrate indeed. I am someone who has went through a clinical depression and came out the other end of it. It took a lot of work, therapy and self examination. There were a lot of times I never thought my life would ever be good again. 

Let me say to those of you out there who may be in the same situation. Never give up! It may seem bleak, but if you hang in there and give it time, care and mostly be kind to yourself, it will get better. Sure there are things I still want that I don't have, but I know I will get them. Why? Because when you overcome it you will have the power to achieve anything! 

It's 44 degrees at 5:03 ayem here in Los Angels, CA on December 18th 2016, the day of my 51st Birthday. I am thankful for my Family, Friends and most of all my amazing Life! 

My wish for my Birthday is for all of you to have one of the best days of the rest of your lives.

Happy Birthday Everyone!

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  1. And I am grateful for you and for your writing this beautiful, brave, and honest entry... It's quite moving, truly uplifting, and, most of all, f'ing relatable. Lately I've noticed, more and more all the time, your vitality, your contentment; your really are at your best, and that is something to celebrate. :::throws confetti and breaks out the champs:::