Monday, November 27, 2017

It's On! Prince Harry & Meghan Markle

Michael Shinafelt
Upon waking today,to what did my wandering eyes did appear, something other than Cyber Monday BS & hyperbole luckily.

"Yes" they have made it official Harry & Meghan are engaged and getting married in the spring. 

Just a mere handful of weeks ago I saw a headline blazing on Star Magazine that the two were going to become betrothed. My friend and rabid Royal follower Shani Bayne was waiting in the car for me. Thus while waiting in the Smart & Final checkout line I snapped a photo of the magazine cover and sent it to her.

She was totally excited when I got in the car wondering/hoping it was true. I told her even though no official announcement had been made several other media outlets were speculating the same thing, where there's smoke there's, you know, fire!

This morning, lo and behold...glad the announcement was made today, seriously, Cyber Monday, WTF?!

Meghan on Instagram:  

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