Sunday, June 24, 2018

Sinful Sunday

Rock DJ
Taylor Swift & Robbie Williams
Look, up on stage at Wembley Stadium in London! It's a bird & a plane, it's conjoined twins, no it's Taylor Swift & Robbie Williams!

"Yes" Pop Princess Taylor Swift brought Pop Bad Boy Robbie Williams up on stage during her Reputation tour stop in London. Honestly the main reason I am running this photo is because Robbie is in it. Not that I have anything against Ms. Swift, but I have a "everything" for Williams.

Maybe it's his Bad Boy swagger. Perhaps it's his extreme sex appeal. Or maybe it's the fact that he likes to get naked on camera. Whatever the case may be I have decided to make this a Sinful Sunday by indulging in lust.

Robbie Williams is hereby decreed my church today. Blasphemous much? "Yep" 24/7 - and proud of it. 

It's time to worship at the altar of Robbie, so I'm off! Have a terrific Sinful Sunday and don't forget to take yourself to church!

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