Tuesday, February 19, 2013

On Set: "Where The Bears Are" Season 2

Lions & Tigers...nope, only "Bears" the WTBA Gang
That's right, those wild and crazy Bears: Nelson, Wood & Reggie are coming back for round two! Along for the ride as well are Hot Toddy & Detective Winters with some spanking new faces added, this season of  WTBA is wrapped in a cloak of secrecy....

As a fan of the first season and a blogger/journalist I was invited down to the evening shoot at The Faultline Bar in Los Angeles, CA to check it out, a shout out to Joe Dietl, Ben Zook & Rick Copp - thanks for having me!

While I can not give anything away that I witnessed being filmed I can tell you two things 1) You will see me in this years season and 2) Things are definitely getting harrier. Was that vague enough for you?

So instead of continuing to tease you with what I'm not allowed to say how about I show you some behind the scenes photos I took? Yeah, that works...Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

What could be possibly be happening in the The Bathroom?

Caged Bears

"Action" Joe Dietl, Bear Director 

Hot Toddy Anyone?

Detective Winters I presume...


Keep up with The Bears on the trail to Season Two at:


Check out Season One on: http://wherethebearsare.tv/

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