Sunday, February 17, 2013

"Win The Diet War" With Dr. Nina

Dr. Nina
Nina Savelle-Rocklin aka Dr. Nina is here to help you take charge of your relationship with something you really

 The Los Angeles, CA based Dr. Nina is a psychoanalyst/psychotherapist who specializes in eating disorders, and she wants to help you "Make Peace With Food" by tuning into her Podcast "Win The Diet War".

Let's hear what Dr. Nina has to say about her podcast:

"The podcast is designed to help people stop dieting and start feeling better about themselves! It's for anyone with an unhealthy, unhappy relationship to food. They can make peace with food"!

This refreshing take on loving ones self and being healthy has garnered Nina a devoted following that just keeps on growing.

With a book in the works bearing the same name as her podcast, Dr. Nina is sure to be coming to a syndicated show on a station in your area in the very near future.

The podcast is informative, insightful and most importantly comes from a place of understanding and wanting to help.

Watch your back Dr. Phil!

"Win The Diet War" with Dr. Nina at: and

She's on iTunes too:

"Make Peace With Food" at:

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