Monday, April 22, 2013

R.I.P: Chrissy Amphlett "Pleasure and Pain"

Chrissy Amphlett
The 53-year-old Australian singer died at her home in New York City after a battle with breast cancer and multiple sclerosis.

My first exposure so to speak to the music of The Divinyls was a kinky little ditty bearing the title "Pleasure and Pain": 

"Please don't ask me how I've been getting off, No, Please don't ask me how I've been getting off ,It's a fine line between pleasure and pain, You've done it once, you can do it again"... 

Needless to say the Divinyls had me at the title. I rushed out and bought the "What A Life" album on, time to date my oldness, cassette, and loved it!

Of course that was sort of an indie/edgy/underground type of song, their biggest hit "I Touch Myself" a blatant ode to masturbation was huge...I guess because it did not involve the "Pain" part with the "Pleasure".

Chrissy had one of the best pop rock voices ever! Her delivery cut like a knife no matter what she was singing. 

Not to be crass, but from the sounds of her death she was living the title of my favorite Divinyls song "Pleasure and Pain" let's hope there was some of the former mixed in with the later, her body is now at rest. Hey Chrissy, I hope you are still kicking vocal ass in the great beyond...!

                                                  The Divinyls: "Pleasure and Pain"

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  1. she was hot for sure and a ton of talent RIP Chrissy xoxo