Saturday, April 13, 2013

R.I.P: Annette Funicello "Jamaica Ska"

"Do You Know How To Jamaica Ska"?

This quite urgent question was posed by Annette Funicello in the 80's revamp of her 1960's Beach Party Movies with Frankie Avalon, "Back to the Beach".

While too young for the originals, I was not too young for their repeated showings on weekend TV, the Beach Party Movies were something both my parents enjoyed and liked watching together.

Thus I was Beach Party Movie adjacent. I also was exposed to Ms. Funicello via old "Mickey Mouse Club" reruns, she was truly the most beautiful Mouseketeer and the one who, uh filled out quite nicely.

However my very personal memory of Annette will always remain "Back to the Beach" - My college friend Jenny DiMartino of the groovy band The Drews and myself decided to head out and see it one afternoon on a lark.

Settling into the theatre we hoped for the best. What a wonderful tongue in cheek treat we got, with a very game and fun loving Annette and her Co-Star Frankie.

My favorite musical Annette moment will always be her deadpan delivery of the line: "Do you girls know how to Jamaica Ska"? Like it was the most important thing anyone on earth could know, or say...

Now it's time to say goodbye....thanks for the memories my lovely Annette....xoxo

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