Monday, April 1, 2013

Ponyboy Likes "Dick, Dick, Dick"

Lawrence, Kansas based trash rockers & "Entertain Me" favorites Ponyboy are unzipping their latest "Dick, Dick, Dick" a homage about their love of Dick Cheney on April 9th....NOT! April Fools, only the part about Dick Cheney.

Yes, the boys are releasing the abovementioned CD on April the 9th but it's about the fun kind of dick, not the jerk kind...

Here to tell us about it are Ponyboy themselves, Charles McVey and David Zey!

MS: You guys just got done rehearsing are you all hot and sweaty?

DZ: Yes Sir!

MS: This must be David, how are you boy?

DZ: Good Sir!

MS: That's my boy! It's interesting how with this CD you guys are back to where you started with your insightful, satirical social commentary of your first CD "Little Dick Demo" after venturing into really dark territory with your sophomore CD about serial killer Luka Magnotta "Pussy Killer".

CMcV: The songs from "Little Dick Demo" and "Dick, Dick, Dick" were written at the same time, within the first year of us being a band. That's why they have that familiarity to it. This album is a lot more representative of what we sound like live, I think, where "Pussy Killer" had a lot of bells and whistles in it.

This Shit is Bananas: Charles McVey and David Zey
MS: "Pussy Killer" was really brilliant, but very dark, I think you guys music goes above most people's heads.

CMcV: Sometimes we do piss people off, because they are not looking deeper into what our music is saying. That's OK with me, I was always interested in artists who had some sort of depth to them, we usually  have two layers of ideas involved in our songs. Whether it be satirical or with some kind of homo angst all kind of wrapped together, very tongue in cheek.

MS: It was interesting to me that you are back to the basic origin of your musical themes and you took a unexpected detour as soon as you did, with "Pussy Killer" - It still jelled with your identity as a band, but...

CMcV: Well, the "Dick, Dick, Dick" record was already in production when we did "Pussy Killer". "Pussy Killer" really would have been a later release, but we wanted to release it on Luka Magnotta's 30th Birthday. Therefore there was a time factor involved.

MS: You guys are influenced by a lot of classic imagery, it reminds me of classic Madonna when she would take older references and make them her own.

CMcV: Definitely! I like Madonna a lot! I don't really keep up with contemporary pop music but I like her better than Brittney Spears.

MS: You guys really push buttons, like Ms. M, what line wouldn't you cross?

DZ: No shit and no blood!

MS: Rumor has it Grumpy Cat hates Ponyboy.

DZ: Oh yeah, I saw that. Someone made a Grumpy Cat hating us. Was that you?

MS: Uh, no I saw it and laughed. Being hated by Grumpy Cat is very special actually.

CMcV: I think so too.

MS: What do you think of freeballing?

CMcV: I'm a fan!

MS: David?

DZ: I prefer it, generally speaking. I don't like underwear, it's just extra bullshit you have to wear.

MS: Unless I am going out to a function or something, I freeball the other day when I looked in the mirror I noticed I tent out. (laughs)

DZ: No one would see the ridge of my dick if I didn't do it otherwise. (laughs)

MS: Exactly! That's important. (laughs) One last question, how did you guys meet?

DZ: On Craigslist. My Ex-Boyfriend like to hook up with dudes off of Craigslist. I was never really into that it felt really awkward to me. Anyway my X was into that bullshit, and he came across an ad in the men for men section - it was an ad looking for other gay musicians in the area. He hollered to me: "Honey, look at this Craigslist ad that I found". I'm like, Fuck no seriously I'm not into it. He's like: "It's different, this one's different, it's asking for musicians". So, I just responded: "I am gay I like metal, hardcore and rock-n-roll...I play drums, guitar, etc"...We got together jammed a few times and it all worked out.

MS: Very cool. It's a good marriage, don't you think?

Both: Yes!

"Dick, Dick, Dick" releases April 9th.

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