Monday, December 7, 2015

'Tis The Season For S-E-X With Pamela Anderson

So as the world probably knows, OK for sure they know. Pamela Anderson will appear as the cover model and pictorial for the last nude issue of the iconic magazine Playboy. Yeah, don't ask me why they are ending their wonderful balance between class & sass some financial expert must have advised Hugh Hefner on that. Best Wishes.

Let's get back to Pamela. In my estimation Playboy hailed the official queen of that magazine. The most perfect cover model/icon ever and someone who I greatly respect as a person.

Why you ask? Because I have interacted with her. "Yes" I did an interview with her for Instinct Magazine, for the now defunct column: The Chick We'd Switch For.

She was charming, sweet and very giving during our chat on the phone. She then invited me down to her book signing for Star, which she co-wrote. At The West Hollywood Book Fair. She loves her gays and it was an invitation I gladly accepted.

I was V.I.P. before anyone else, yeah hate me I didn't have to wait in line. She was sweet, remembered me from our phone conversation and even personalized a copy of Star with an autograph dedicated specifically to my Mom ( I gave it to her as a Christmas gift that year.)

Below I hope you can read it, is my interview with Ms. Anderson.

Have A Sexy Holiday Season!

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