Monday, September 10, 2018

Monday Motivation

Oh Daddy!
Dax Shepard
There are so many things spot on about this image of a shirtless Dax Shepard fixing his daughter's groovy pink bike that he just had to be the Monday Motivation poster boy you never knew you needed.

Let's count the ways that Dax is giving you life on this Monday. Dax has a nice lean upper torso, check. Dax and his DILF vibes, check. The Big Butt Book 3D hanging out in the BG, check. The "Girl Pup Power" in flowery lettering on his daughter's bike, check. He and his wife Kristen Bell really are the definition of couple goals, check.

Yep, Dax basically is one well rounded super cool guy. That's all the motivation you really need to motivate you this Monday September 10, 2018.

Time to get this party started peeps! Get out there and do you!

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