Tuesday, November 8, 2011

10 Stupid Questions With: Matthew Duffy

 In anticipation of his upcoming EP, "Spunk Pumpers Unite" (to be released February 2012), Matthew Duffy wants to introduce you to his latest single, "Homosapien," which is a cover of the Pete Shelley (Buzzcocks) song from 1981. Matthew also covers (not in the literal sense) "Angel, Angel Down We Go Together" from Morrissey which he recorded as a tribute to the LGBT community. "The increasing bullying, suicides, & isolation of our community makes me so upset and frustrated and when I was growing up this song gave me confidence to never give up" Duffy states. Very well put. OK, Matthew time to get stupid....

MS: Why should Spunk pumpers unite?

MD: To save the world from misery by delivering muscles and magic to the people of earth.

MS: Are you in love with Morrisey?

MD: I really just want to make out with him while simultaneously stroking his pompadour

MS: Girl in a Coma is, do you know who they are?

MD: No but my sources tell me it's really serious.

MS: What song gives you confidence?

MD: "Eye of the Tiger" by Survivor

MS: Do you consider yourself a homosapien, too?

MD: I am indeed homo erectus and homosapien, like you.

MS: Define Buzzcock?

MD: Drunk dancing at the east village watering hole.

MS: Is that something you do regularly?

MD: Yes! At least once a day & twice on Sunday.

MS: Peanut Butter & Jelly, or another combo?

MD: Peanut Butter, Thick Cut Bacon, Banana, & Honey.

MS: Because the wind is high it blows your….?

MD: Beef curtains open

MS: WTF, does Matthew Duffy think he is?

MD: He is SPUNKY. Enjoys getting DRUNKY. And he likes Ryan Gosling cause he be HUNKY. 

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  1. Matthew making out with Morrisey....ooh la la I likey...