Thursday, November 24, 2011

Teen Idol, Mike Clifford "I'm Not Dead Yet"

Teen Idol Mike Clifford wants you to know "I'm Not Dead Yet"! It's his new slogan, many people prior to his recent resurgence as an artist thought he was....!

Well unless he is "The Walking Dead" it would seem the former teen dream who had a hit world wide with his single "Close to Cathy" is very much alive, kicking and getting back to business.

Clifford recently came out with a maturity that he did not demonstrate in his younger years on a groovy cover of "Mack the Knife" that would do Bobby Darin proud. He also has a YouTube video for the Holidays, a live version of: "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas".

Do you need further proof Mr. Clifford is not "dead yet?" Well check out the interview I did with him this year about "Mack The Knife":

Now do you believe me?! Remember teen idols never die, they simply get recycled, go green!

Get "close" to Mike and follow him at:!/pages/Mike-Clifford-Close-to-Cathy/432999335318

Download "Mack The Knife" at iTunes or CD Baby

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