Friday, March 2, 2012

10 Random Thoughts: Eric Himan

Eric Himan is a musician whose star is on the rise. The crooner of such popular songs as "Gonna Make It Work," "Little Boy Blue" & "Dust” is about to release a concert DVD “Under The Ink”- which refers to amongst other things, Eric’s many tattoos.

This writer had the pleasure of catching Mr. Himan in concert at Room 5 in Los Angeles, CA recently on what ended up being the evening of Whitney Houston’s passing.

OK, Eric, the time has come for your 10 Random Thoughts…

MS: It was great to finally catch a show of yours at Room 5, I have heard about you for a while, it was a great gig!

EH: Thank you.

MS: How wild it happened to fall on the evening of Whitney Houston’s death.

EH: Yeah, it was nice to come on stage though and do something in her honor considering it was something that was on every body’s mind.

MS: Ready to get random?

EH: Sure!

MS: Tulsa, OK

EH: Indie

MS: Psychology

EH: Mathematical

MS: Thumbcrown Records

EH: Eric Himan
Photo: Jeremy Charles

MS: Fort Walton Beach, FL

EH: The Beach

MS: Madonna

EH: Timeless

MS: Whitney Houston

EH: Sad

MS: Tattoos

EH: Expansive

MS: Pride

EH: Proud

MS: Performing

EH: Live

MS: Under The Ink

EH: Tender

MS: Oh, Eric that was soooooo random.

EH: Ha!

Get under Eric’s ink more at:
“Under The Ink” is out on DVD March 6th

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