Thursday, March 15, 2012

TV Watch: GCB = WTF?!

Our society has been reduced to acronym’s, hell I even use them when I write my interviews from OMG to BTW….Well the best acronym that fit’s the self tilted  TV debacle GCB is - WTF?!

GCB - ooooooooh, let’s make it an acronym, maybe no one will know it stands for “Good Christian B!tches” because we know we could not possibly offend the church ladies, even though this is a parody and a spoof - if only this show were remotely that clever…NOT!

ABC has produced a ½ assed quite predictable show that truly wastes a few of my favorite actresses (Annie Potts - oh, and Leslie Bibb are you listening) ?

This show = FAIL on a lot of levels , the writing, the concept & the cowardice on, I am guessing the networks part (hey creative types we all know about the “corporate thing” )

Having acted and loving most of the performers in the show and knowing they have to work like everyone, I will let that slide.

But really can you not tell that Leslie Bibb’s (love her) character is going to sleep with the mousey brown haired character’s husband who is 10 times hotter than she is…??? Oh and that there is a reason this mismatched couple is married to begin with, money, dark secrets….Seriously, how hard would it be to steal a stud like that from that thing?!

Send me a telegram, better yet don’t - this show and it’s outline is more transparent than “The Invisible Man”.

Oh and BTW am I the only Moe out there that thinks Kristin Chenoweth is a disturbing, anorectic, Oompa Loompa - who must suck helium before she speaks?

GCB or whatever the F#$k you want to call it, sucks sh!t -

They say all publicity is good publicity, and here at “Entertain Me” I usually only try to write about things I like, but….here’s hoping this puts a knife in the heart of what is one of the worst shows I have ever seen.


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