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Checking In With: Clea Cutthroat

Clea Giving a Booty Shine During a Bonaparte Show
Berlin  based performance artist, Clea Cutthroat is an "Entertain Me" favorite as you may recall  when she responded to this writer's "10 Random Thoughts".

Well Clea has been moving faster than a speeding bullet since last we spoke, it's time to "Check In" with her.....

So, Darlin’ are your knickers off?

Nope! They are right where they should be...I think :)

See Darlin’ you are a whore, isn’t “Showgirls” one of your favorite movies?

Yes, and I would definitely be Cristal delivering that line! No whores here honey, just bitches. I've even watched that movie in German and it still translates. The language of glass marble sabotage is international amongst us dancing divas.

We met this year at The Satellite, in Silverlake, CA for the first time, after I’m not sure, how many years at sea, I love it!

Can you believe it? Finally, we crossed the oceans and rivers of planet Earth and cyberspace to physically meet in person!

Was so amazing to finally meet you (officially) but, I gotta admit I feel like we've been friends brushing each other's hair and giving each other manicures for years now!

Mr. Shinafelt & Ms. Cutthroat

You were actually a native from my actual hood, expand.

I guess that makes us "homies" then, huh :)

Yes, I am an authentic, born, mall-raised, frozen yogurt feed valley girl from Reseda, San Fernando Valley.

I guess those early years of lining my lips with dark brown eyeliner, then filling them in with nude shimmering lip gloss was really just a foreshadowing of my drag queen-esque future to come.

“Bonaparte” is a great performance art band.

Thank you! It really is. I love being a part of Bonaparte. It is really and truly such a unique opportunity to be able to perform with such amazing musicians and fellow performance artists that inspire me to no end. Within Bonaparte, we are all equal pieces to the puzzle, and I can honestly say I love every piece.

It's the most amazing opportunity to take my classical dance training and mix it with my cabaret/burlesque/side show life. I'm constantly learning and expanding from everyone involved, and that is what keeps you going as an artist.

I am as happy as a clam. ("clam" vagina pun intended.)

How did “Ms. Cutthroat” become involved?

I met Bonaparte in Paris. Paris, Texas that is. My parents just moved there...I was visiting so we all got tickets to go see the rodeo. While we were there, I see this little guy, looking like Napoleon in the middle of it all. Seriously. I was so curious about him, and I finally met him when we both went to the bar to order some beers and nachos. I know, it sounds bizarre, but then we talked and found out I was planning on moving to Berlin...he has just moved...and well, POOF!

And 4, or 5 (cant remember now) years later we're touring the states and I finally got to meet you!

See, horseshoes do bring good luck.

...We should go to a rodeo together, don't ya think?

What’s your favorite number you do with them, or do you not play favorites?
Well, I play a bunch of different "persona's". I have Amie, Alice, Juanita, Sister name a few...and if I start playing favorites then it's gonna turn into a bitch fest, and I cant deal with all of these personalities at the moment. Plus, Sister Mary is a drunk, and she is always slapping Amie around.

If you were a Punk Song, what punk song would you be?
Without a doubt. "Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie", Black Flag. Henry Rollins. Doesn't get much better. That album, Damaged, was so influential to me when I was younger. It was like a treasure chest of emotions that I didn't know that I could tap into. It changed everything for me.

One of the best 5 shows I have ever seen, was going to see Black Flag with Henry Rollins in NYC. I have never seen someone so possessed, obsessed and dominant on stage as Henry. Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie was always one of my favorites, but when I saw that blew my mind. I knew that it was that energy, fire, rage and passion that I wanted to manifest in Clea.

Sitting here I'm a loaded gun
Waiting to go off
I've got nothing to do
But shoot my mouth off
Clea & Bonaparte

Obama recently supported Gay Marriage, your thoughts?


...and then I got annoyed because it is so ignorant, small minded, and pathetic that there is a large group of self-righteous people that believe they hold the moral and religious code of the universe, and can decided who can, and can not get married.

Who gives a flying fuck?!!? I don't care if two guys get married, or if Billy in Georgia needs to dress in a large furry animal costume to get off at night. I wouldn't care if Sarah Palin loved a man or if she hosted lesbian orgies dressed as a latex zebra in her spare time. It's all bullshit and i am sorry that we are in a world where REAL problems get pushed aside to discuss if a government can decide if I am allowed to choose who I fall in love with.

Obama needs to gives this country a verbal slap for being so stupid. Yes, stupid. We will tune into watch Kim Kardashian's 72 minute wedding, and watch every time Elizabeth Taylor walked down the aisle...and what is the problem with two people who are in love, but (gasp!) of the same gender getting married? Why do we care who I, he, she decides to spend their life with? To me, it sounds like a lot of bored people with closeted desires/fears and have no better way to release them.

Everyone needs to get over themselves, and start worrying about our country's education system, our environment that is boiling, the state of the economy, and stop worrying about who any of us write love letters too.

I'm more concerned about giving young girls a strong female role model. I don't care if you want to be President of the United States, CEO of whatever, a secretary, a Playboy Playmate, a housewife, nor do I care who/who
m you share your bed with at night. What I do care about is that you do it with dignity, pride, following your own moral code, and leaving a strong example to the next generation. I need a maragarita.

You are one of the coolest women I have ever met.

lol! I don't feel very cool at the moment after writing that tirade above!

Ok, deep breath, and big sip of the margarita (delicious!)

Thank you very much! But, if I think about it too much I will start blushing as I type this:)

I appreciate that you think I'm cool..cuz I think you're cool too! And having people I respect, respect me back is pretty much all I can ask for in the end...and a Slurpee machine. I will really know that I've made it when I have a Slurpee machine in my flat. It ridiculous, but it's my thing.

Too bad we could not meet in New Jersey for Cinco Di Mayo.

Maybe next year? I mean, how amazing would that be to celebrate with a few margaritas in Atlantic City? Maybe only going to Reno could top that!

What is happening with you in the future?

This year is going to be quite busy touring with Bonaparte. The third album will be coming out later this we are starting soon with summer festival season, and then a club tour in the fall.

Otherwise, I am burlesque-ing it up all over Europe, and my BIG goal for this year is to finish my 1 woman show. My fantasy is to have it up in NYC Jan/Feb 2013...I know that date may need to be adjusted due to touring, but it is my passion. I love burlesque, it has been, and continues to be very good to me, but I really want to push myself out of the "burlesque" box and into a box that is all my own. I've been wanting to do this for years, but my last tour in NYC gave me a big kick in the ass, so engines are roaring and I'm busy busy getting it ready to go!

Love you Woman, you keep it real.

I love you!!!!

...and thank YOU for giving me such a great platform to keep it real...

As Cristal would say, "It's amazing what paint and a surgeon can do"...I always felt that way about wigs and a loud mouth.

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