Tuesday, May 8, 2012

James Durbin On Tour: Hey Durbinators!

Hey all you Durbinators out there, you didn't think "Entertain Me" would go through the month of May without something about the man, James Durbin did you?

Last month you and I were there in full force supporting James at his Viper Room gig in Los Angeles, CA. This month James Continues to tour...Oh yeah! James across the globe!

He performed The Star Spangled Banner not too long ago at an Los Angeles Kings game, for those of you not in that loop, they are LA's professional hockey team. As we Durbinators know James performance of our National Anthem was on the level of Kelly Clarkson nailing it at The Superbowl. Lucky for us he's no Christina Aguliera when it comes to pride in the US.

James continues to tour as I type, track him down in a city near you - and a special thanks to the Durbinators, you all know who you are, who have supported this blog!

 Tour dates at: www.durbinrock.com

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