Monday, August 26, 2013

Chanteuse Sandy Zacky Speaks Out About Parkinson's

Sandy Zacky
Resident "Entertain Me" Chanteuse, Sandy Zacky recently spoke out about the ravages of Parkinson's when the news about Linda Ronstadt broke out. Linda was one of Sandy's favorite artists -

That being said Sandy also has a lot of first hand experience with Parkinson's, her husband, Ron has it as well.

She speaks so eloquently about Linda losing her the gift of her singing voice as well as about her husband Ron losing his speaking voice to his horrible disease that I found it worth re-posting.

Our voice, whether it be singing or speaking is the most important thing we have as human beings while we are alive. Either of them is a terrible thing to lose. Here is a re-print of Ms. Zacky's statement:

"Just heard about Linda Ronstadt, one of the finest singers in my estimation,ever. She can sing all genres so well. I just heard her the other day on Sirrius radio singing some songs from The American Songbook. It was beautifully done, I was totally impressed with her interpretation and vocals.

                                                Linda Ronstadt "Blue Bayou"

My husband has suffered from Parkinson's disease for several years now. It is a terrible disease that robs an individual of so much but most of all the essence of who they have always been. My husbands voice has weakened greatly over the years. Just his ability to converse can be difficult for him at times. I can only imagine as a singer how awful it must be to not be able to share the extraordinary gift that she had so long shared with those of us who so enjoyed her music.

My best to her and I pray she finds some joy in the love that is sent her way from her devoted fans"

Sandy & Her Husband Ron

Very well put Ms. Z. 

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