Wednesday, June 4, 2014

It's A Dolly, Dolly World, You Just Live In it

It's Dolly's World

Yeah you know it, Dolly, Cher and cockroaches will be around long after we are all gone...glad I will be in good company!

Dolly Parton, the most celebrated female country artist of all-time, continues to be a trendsetter, innovator, and is undeniable to her legion of fans.  Parton’s latest critically acclaimed release, BLUE SMOKE, on Dolly Records/Sony Music Masterworks debuted on the Billboard Top 200 chart at #6, and #2 on the Billboard Country chart, marking her highest charting solo album ever.  As the smoke continues to rise, Parton’s latest music video for her forthcoming single, "Home" is here.

Check out "Home," yeah, below, under this statement, see it, hear it, feel it...

Watch "Home":
Get With Dolly:

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