Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Sandy Zacky On Orlando #WeAreOrlando

With the tragedy in Orlando still lingering. I held off on addressing it initially because I wanted to process my own thoughts and feelings. Everyone is still reacting as well they should, it was the biggest mass shooting in the United States ever.

People should be concerned, not just gay people. This is something we must pay attention and attend to. It can and most likely will happen again at a place and time you would least expect. 

As a gay man of course I am upset. However it hit me in a more general way, I think about the potential of such an incident in the many familiar places I travel throughout my day. Let's face it no where and no one is safe.

What I wanted to do was give a different point of view on this, perhaps not even mine but something that could add to the dialogue. Here is a fresh prospective. This is from a grandmother who worries about the country and what the future of it holds for her grandchildren. Her name is Sandy Zacky, you may remember her as Entertain Me's resident chanteuse. She wrote this powerful statement the morning of the shooting on her Facebook page:

"I am sure what is on my mind is what is on most people's mind.
I feel sick, angry,helpless and more. 

What now? It is my grandchildren and their generation that I fear for the most. 

What are we we leaving them? A sick world of people whose only quest is to kill those who don't believe as they do. They think we are immoral but who is more immoral than those who MURDER innocents who just want to live
their lives the way they choose?

Those of you who are that sick may murder but you will not take the US down. You are the cowards we will be the survivors!"

Perfectly stated Sandy. Here is a song she performed with her singing partner Mike Clifford dedicated to the victims and survivors of the tragedy, Love Is Everything -

With congress recently turning a blind eye to the problem at hand, something needs to be, before a tragedy like this can happen again.

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