Sunday, June 26, 2016

"Beautifully Squeezed Tube Of Toothpaste" Rihanna

Your Hand Is Like Blue Velevt
Rihanna & Chris Martin
Coldplay's consciously un-coupled frontman Chris Martin recently gave an in depth interview to The Guardian where he spoke quite highly of  Rihanna.

You know Rihanna, the music superstar who was featured on Colplay's Princess Of China? You know, her. 

Well Martin came up with a strange/beautiful/WTF? analogy to describe Rihanna's voice.

It's like a "Beautifully squeezed tube of toothpaste" he said.

This is a huge compliment when you think about it. How many times has anyone ever used a tube of toothpaste squeezed in a way that would make you feel you did it "beautifully" and utilized the whole freakin' thing? Yeah, I thought not.

Wow! Wished Chris would have dispensed some of these gems about ex-wife Gwyneth Paltrow, but perhaps those analogies were not nearly as endearing.

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