Thursday, November 30, 2017

Michael's Musings

If I Were You...
Michael Shinafelt
With a new reason to be shocked, annoyed or perhaps even easily amused popping up every second in the world I thought this week I would address the ones that I have an raw opinion about.

Raw opinions, we all have them, but do we express them? Since I have this forum I am using it for just that. Baby, I was born this way...

It was a terrific week to be Matt Lauer's wife. Think about it, but not too much.

Melanie Trump's White House Christmas decor is brilliant it reflects the current administration's soul

Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer. That is all.

Fruit flies are so effing annoying

This week something has been trying to take me, I suspect it is the flu. I am winning the battle, but it's motherf#cking pissing me off! Get out of my body, it's not yours!!!

It's really rich to hear Kathy Griffin begging for compassion from people when the only compassion she has ever had is for herself

Christmas draws nigh. I actually put something out decor wise already this year. It's minimal, but it's out.
Bono Is That You???
Bono showed up on Jimmy Kimmel Live looking like KD Lang's twin sister

Never will I ever...just kidding

My balls are always bouncing to the left and to the right - Armie Hammer cops to his balls being digitally removed from Call Me By Your Name

Justin Trudeau, Justin Trudeau, Justin Trudeau

My dreams are in technicolor and state of the art sound. No shitting, it's true.

While I do not watch the revamp of Dynasty I heard they cast Nicolette Sheridan as Alexis Carrington. I think Nicolette is the perfect heir to Joan Collins throne.

If I were you...I'd wanna be me too...

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