Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Checking In With: Debby Holiday

Debby Holiday rocks, oh, and has a great dance beat too. With Billboard hits such as “Dive” and “Bring It On” Debby is a one of a kind Rock-N-Roll dance diva! 

My fellow “True Blood” fan is here to chat about her upcoming single, movie and intimacy…OK Debby, let’s rock!

MS: Hey Fellow Fang Banger how are you?

DH: That’s so weird I was just trying to call you and the line was busy, that’s because you were trying to call me.

MS: It must be serendipity since we are both “True Blood” fans! (both laugh) Thanks for alerting me that Christopher Meloni will be joining the cast.

DH: And you know he will be hot! (both laugh)

MS: And you know Russell is back next season and it has to be Pam that let him out.

DH: Of course she is pissed off at Eric, her maker because he doesn’t love her the way he used to, he loves Sookie.

MS: Yeah, Sookie and her “precious fairy vagina.”

DH: Right? I mean she is cute and everything, but c’mon y’all! Who would commit suicide over “fairy pussy”? (both laugh)

MS: Let’s talk about “An Intimate Evening With Debby Holiday.”

DH: You know, I love my dance diva stuff, it’s so much fun. Between that and my TV & Film licensing, It pays my bills, it’s my living. But I perform by myself, to tracks…this is the saddest story and I don’t know if you want to print it, but I had four shows back to back in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. About six months ago. I performed on stage doing maybe four or five songs, I got to the fourth song and I said, for our next song, and I turned around as if there was a band there. I thought “Oh my God I have lost my mind”! I missed playing with my band so much that they were there as imaginary band members. (laughs) I miss them.

MS: I bet.

DH: It’s cost prohibitive trying to do local Los Angeles shows. So I thought how do I perform and pay my band well?

With all my diva stuff I am always belting, there is a whole other side of my voice I am not using, I thought "you know I want to sing some of my softer stuff and original songs" and that is where I came up with my intimate evening. My first one is a private party this week.

MS: You also have a single coming out in January.

DH: Yes, I do, it’s called “Never Give Up” and it’s with DJ Phil B. - who I love!

MS: I’m not familiar with him.

DH: He’s a handsome Brit with a heart of gold. Every time I see him he is nothing but hugs and love and smiles. He’s just squishy yummy! I was so happy when he called me and said: “I have this song, I keep hearing your voice on it and I think we should do it.” I thought: “If you keep talking to me like that, I’ll do whatever you want”! (laughs)

MS: Too funny!

DH: It’s a cover of a song by Yolanda Adams and it’s really, really great! I love it because it is so positive. The song is out the middle of January, and Phil B’s mix is amazing!

MS: Your idea for an intimate evening is great BTW everything is so detached these days.

DH: It’s funny the other day I was iChatting with someone, then it hit me, we live three blocks away, I said: "Do you want to meet at the Coffee Bean and actually talk in person"? She was like: “Oh, yeah”…we left our homes and went outside and actually saw each other’s faces.

MS: That really puts your intimate evenings into context.

DH: Yes, it’s real and it’s happening right now, which is not the same as performing to a track, which I love too, I just would like to add that live connection with other human beings on stage together to what I do.

MS: Rumor has it you are making your movie debut soon.

DH: Starting in February, I’m getting really excited about being in the movie “The Trials and Tribulations of a Trailer Trash Housewife.” It’s the Del Shore’s play I was in for almost 4 years…it’s almost finished and goes to film festivals next year. Octavia Spencer from “The Help” is in it, plus some other really amazing co-stars, Beth Grant & Dale Dickey & David Steen. Also I get to sing and wear some really awesome red dresses throughout the entire film.

MS: Congrats, Ms. Holliday.

Get Intimate With Debby:

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