Sunday, January 26, 2014

Way To Go, Margaret Cho!

Margaret Cho
Friend and "Entertain Me" favorite the one the only Margaret Cho landed the coolest gig ever recently!

That's right Ms. Cho has landed the role of the administrator in the untitled Tina Fey and Matt Hubbard university comedy for FOX simply known as "Cabot College" read on peeps...

Fox's untitled Tina Fey and Matt Hubbard women's university comedy has found its administrator in a familiar face.
The comedy takes place at a women's college that has just opened its doors to men for the first time. 30 Rock Emmy nominee Margaret Cho has boarded the untitled comedy known as Cabot College.
Cho will play the series regular role of Laura Thibault, the president of Cabot College who made the difficult decision to admit men into the school. She's further described as a divisive figure on campus and does her best to be welcoming of the male freshmen but is often irritated by their antics. 
Production on the comedy  begins in March!
The casting marks a reunion for Cho with both Fey and Hubbard after the actress played Kim Jong-Il and his son, Kim Jong-Un. She earned a guest actress in a comedy Emmy nomination for the former role.

Way to go Margaret!

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