Thursday, April 17, 2014

"Scandal" The Covering Of Kerry Washington's Baby Bump

Is that your knee Mr. President? Or are you just happy to see me?
Tonight as all of us Gladiator's know is the season finale of one of the best shows on TV "Scandal."

I've really got to hand it to the whole creative team that works on this, a show with story lines that escalate usually falters mighty, but "Scandal" like the Energizer Bunny just keeps going and going...and getting better.

"Scandal" is like riding the fiercest roller coaster at Magic Mountain! I can't wait to see what happens in tonight's wrap of the current season.

Now that I have clarified that I am a true fan of the show and it's awesome ability to entertain, let me say one of the more entertaining aspects of this season for us Gladiators was seeing all of the creative ways they covered series star Kerry Washington's baby bump.

C'mon you know you were amused by it as much as I was. Some of them were typical, while others were downright genius!

My personal favorite President Grant's (Tony Goldwyn) knee obscuring Olivia Pope's bump so the prying camera could not film it. Totally awesome and amusing at the same time.

Confess did anyone out there have a drinking game based around this? I bet some of you Gladiators did...!

The best thing though is the brilliant team behind "Scandal" did manage to keep their female lead and show anchor front and center where she belongs. That is the one mistake most shows with a female lead make, when their leading lady gets pregnant - they move her out of the center of the action and whip up other story lines for the supporting characters and they lose the shows focus and it goes downhill from there.

Excited to see how they end the season tonight and "yes" I will be checking out Operation Camouflage Kerry's Baby Bump as well.

Happy viewing Gladiators!

It's always scandalous on your TV!

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