Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Who's That Birthday Grrrrrrrrrl?

Guess Who?
If you guessed Adele, well then you are correct and have powers beyond reason, because I certainly did not recognize her in drag as George Michael, not in the least.

Yep this is what she wore to her 27th Birthday Celebration.

She Tweeted the following:

"Thank you for the birthday wishes I had a wonderful time!" Adele wrote. "I was my hero x #gottahavefaith."
It's Me!
To which George Michael responded:

"Happy Birthday @OfficialAdele !!!" he Tweeted back. "I'm so flattered, love The Singing Greek! xxx."

Adele's highly anticipated third album is scheduled for released this fall, keep the faith!

Adele is so not a drag at:

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