Monday, November 2, 2015

12 Days Of Rage

Margaret & Friend
Photo: Mary Taylor
Happy First Monday of November. This came across my desk this morning via my friend and awesome publicist Ken Phillips. It's a message and a powerful one from his client Margaret Cho here is what she has to tell you:
"Twelve days until the premiere of  my new song and music video for “I Wanna Kill My Rapist”. For the 12 days leading up to it, I will be posting one video per day to tell my stories of sexual abuse. My “12 Days of Rage”. Please join me. Tell your story on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram using #‎12daysofrage. Here is my first video.
“I Wanna Kill My Rapist” Video premieres on on Friday, November 13." 
                                                       12 Days Of Rage
Join Margaret in the crusade by sharing this message or your own story on social media. Let's give victims of sexual abuse a voice.
Share your rage with Margaret at:  

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