Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Traci Lords "Last Drag"

It has been 16 years since pop icon Traci Lords album “1000 Fires“, was released in 1995. The first single off of it, “Control”, went double platinum, climbing to #2 on the Billboard Dance Charts. It was also featured on the Mortal Combat sound track.

The album’s second track, “Fallen Angel”, was showcased in the Denzel Washington/Russell Crowe film “Virtuosity.”

Well the notorious TL returns to the dance floor with a brand new high energy single “Last Drag.” I caught up with Ms. Lords in New York, before her fitting for the grand opening of Studio 54, in New York City.
MS: Hey Traci, how are you?

TL: I’m here in New York, Sirius Radio is doing a one night thing tonight at Studio 54, to celebrate their new channel that they are launching, that is dedicated to all the music of that era. I never went to Studio 54, but of course I know about the stories, and the outrageousness that took place. So I’m pretty excited…!

MS: Well I know you have a wardrobe fitting for the big evening soon, so I have a little quickie thing I want to do with you.

TL: I beg your pardon?! You and everybody else honey! (laughs)

MS: Yeah, take a number. (laughs) I am going to give you 10 Things and you say the first thing that pops into your head.

TL: OK, This sounds dangerous….

MS: No, it’s cool.

MS: John Waters
TL: Skinny Moustaches

MS: Underneath It All
TL: Redemption

MS: Drag Queens
TL: High Hair, Aquanet

MS: Purple Room
TL: My Safe Place

MS: Marilyn Monroe
TL: A Loss

MS: Love
TL: Family, My Husband & My Little Boy

MS: Melrose Place
TL: Heather Locklear

MS: Aliens
TL: Yes

MS: Sharon Lesher
TL: Spiked Eel Gucci High Heels

MS: Last Drag
TL:I Smile..It Is Like An
Alexander McQueen
Gold Necklace. It’s
Dangerous, But It Has A
Sense Of Humor To It.

MS: Have a great time tonight, at Studio 54.

TL: Thank you, have a great day.

“I kicked that habit, when I kicked your ass out the door” - Last Drag

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