Wednesday, February 29, 2012

"Geek Out"! Geeks - The Musical

They're here, They're ....uh, Geeks, get used to it! I hereby declare, March 1st 2012 shall forever go down in Theatre History as the premiere of: "Geeks - The Musical".

And it's about time, we have had everything in the history of the whole world turned into a musical, from "Cats" to "Spiderman" but what about the Geeks? What about the Geeeeeeks?!

Well, woot, here it is! You may remember my chat with one of it's stars, and self confessed "Geek" Jonathan "JB" Brett prior to the opening - you don't?! In the words of the delusional Mariah Carey speaking of those who did not know her dog's name was "Jack"  "You must be living under a rock"....

So here it is, get yourself some!

All geeks celebrate and be celebrated - Every March 1st shall be National Geek day from here forward. "Entertain Me" has declared it so.

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