Thursday, February 7, 2013

EG Daily Is "Wide Awake"

My friend EG Daily has just done an amazing, quite raw cover of the Katy Perry song "Wide Awake" I wanted to share it with everyone and check in with EG herself about her thoughts on it...

MS: So you recently went viral with a video of you and a piano player covering Katy Perry's "Wide Awake" I loved it!

EG: It's my favorite Katy Perry song, I got with my piano player, and I wasn't going to post it because I thought it was so raw. Me in my living room my piano player, Lee Miles and I playing around with the material....then I thought: "Fuck it, post it"!

MS: It's really funny, I'm not a huge Katy Perry fan but I really like this song.

EG: The song is really good, right? It's a great song.

MS: Totally!

EG: I didn't think I liked it until I heard my piano player playing it one day and I said how beautiful the song sounded, he said it's the Katy Perry song, I told him it didn't sound like it. Then we started messing around with it, and I told him how much I loved it, good lyrics, good song.

MS: The lyrics are amazing, the best thing about it. Very healing, things are so rough for everybody right now.

EG: Yeah Honey, I know.

MS: Your cover is really raw, but I like raw.

EG: I do too, it's the real thing.

MS: You are completely Fucking awesome when you are raw!

EG: You are so sweet! It's a cover that I love and it's a beautiful song.

Wake-up, It's EG:

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