Saturday, July 19, 2014

It's A "Mad Men" Party

Sing Along With: Mad Men
With the end of the final season of Mad Men drawing near and fan anticipation growing of how the series will end, did you ever wonder how the cast celebrated the taping of the final episode of the Emmy Award winning drama?

Drink excessively? Chain smoke until dawn? Smoke pot and have a Bacchanalian orgy? You know the way they do on the show.

Christina Hendricks recently gave Vulture the 411:

“We partied for about a week straight,” Hendricks spilled. “We’re all surprisingly into musicals,” she explained “There was a lot of singing of "Little Shop of Horrors," ‘Defying Gravity’ (from Wicked), and a little bit of "Frozen.” The secret is out now, the cast of Mad Men are musical geeks “I wish we were cooler.”

Thanks Christina for that bit of fun information, what a great way to move on from a great show, that although I am dying to know how it all ends, I will be sad to see it, the cast and Jon Hamm's bulge go.

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