Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Michael's Musings

Look Into My Eyes & Stop Staring At My Nipples
Michael Shinafelt
OK, I called this column Michael's Monday Musings last time, well because they were published on a F#@king Monday

From now on I will simply call it Michael's Musings. You never know when and where they will turn up. Are you ready? Here I go again!!! 

Thanks to a well played PR stunt on Dancing With The Stars Ryan Lochte and Cheryl Burke remain. Like they would actually have Burke kicked immediately off after her return to the show?!

If you haven't seen Don't Breathe yet and are a horror/suspense fan, from one to another, I highly recommend it, go!

To Sex-Head, I mean E.G. Daily currently starring in Rob Zombie's 31, congratulations! To the rest of you see it, see it!

I heard a Latin Woman call a Latin Man "N" word pimp the other day. Thanks Donald Trump for the perpetuating of twisted hate.

I recently dumped 13 pounds. Worship me, I am 50.

Why is everyone forgetting Angelina Jolie is Bisexual all of the sudden?

American Horror Story Season 6 is off to quite the lively start. I jumped twice! Can't wait for tonight's episode.

The humidity in Los Angeles this week is grody to the max!

 A shout out to Volcano Girl Shani Bayne who recently returned from Nicaragua producing a shoot in a, well, volcano. We met up for spin class for the first time in over a month yesterday,she had no lava burns or lamps.

To my favorite "bad girl" Ms. Traci Lords. Looking forward to attending the launch of your clothing line for Pin-Up Girl this Friday at the boutique in Burbank

That's all folks!

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