Thursday, October 6, 2016

Michael's Musings

Fall In Southern California
Michael Shinafelt
Photo: Bob Drapeau
OK, I have made an executive decision. Due to the popularity of this column I hereby decree my musings will now be posted every Thursday. No more Throwback Thursday for this guy. Now every TBT you are going to get my impressions of the past week heading into the weekend.

No tricks here, time for a treat!

A shout out to Ms. Summer Rudolph, my cousin who I have not seen in...yeah you get the picture. Loved connecting again at Marix Tex Mex in West Hollywood, CA. Grrrrrrrrrl you rock!

Marla Maples is so gangsta! 

Dear twink who insists on sitting shotgun to me in Jessica's Spin Class at Gold's Gym Hollywood. Just stop please. Your energy is annoying and reminds me of a puppy dry humping my leg.

Most of you would be less offended if Hillary Clinton were a man. "Yes" I'm playing the sexism card.

Hello Kim Kardashian, can you seriously not get if there are those who think your being robbed is a publicity stunt?!

Man on Man flirting. To all you men out there, develop the art of flirting with other men whether you are gay or straight. Trust me it works. Especially if you are a gay man flirting with a straight one. It may not get you laid, but it sure will get you what you want. 

Marilyn Monroe. Yep, that thought just happened.

Is it just me or is Mark Cuban hot?

Sometimes I like to imagine I am a male version of Miriam Blaylock in The Hunger. What? You think you have a better fantasy? Bring it!

It turns out it really is better with a towel.

TTFN = Ta Ta For Now

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