Thursday, June 29, 2017

Michael's Musings

Cruel Summer?
Michael Shinafelt
This week was the end of a special chapter in my life. Yes, minions it was the series finale of Pretty Little Liars, a show that has always been there for me when I needed top notch escapist entertainment most. With a complete dash of reality to balance it.

Also this past week, June 25th 2017 marked the marriage of my awesome niece Shauna Waters to one Nick Kastner in Cabo San Lucas

Yep, this has been en eventful week, are you ready for what else I have to toss off your way? Well here it comes!

Sarcasm is my brains self defense mechanism for when I'm about to be murdered

I saw the Baywatch movie this week on the Sony Pictures Lot. Dumb, but fun!

Follow the yellow brick road. Why not?!

When sh!t turns weird

The only disability in life is fear

It's hard out there for a freeballer

More Like: Kale Blech! Bite Me, Trader Joe's!

Pablo Picasso was never called an asshole

Wake. Pray. Slay.

Pretty Little Liars was on for seven glorious seasons, it's gone now. I am bummed. Can you imagine how I will feel when another of my favorites Law & Order: SVU ends, that f#cker has been on for twenty seasons & counting!

Well wishes to my friend Diva Sandy Zacky who is recovering from knee surgery

"Tilda Swinton is what happens when Tim Burton makes a Meryl Streep" - Faith Choyce, Comedian 

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