Thursday, November 23, 2017

Michael's Musings

Would You Like a Leg? A Thigh? Or...
Michael Shinafelt
Let's start things off by wishing you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving. I sincerely thought about listing the things I am thankful for this week. Then I thought who the f#ck am I kidding?!

This Daddy is too authentic for that kind of BS! That does not mean you will not find gratitude in this Turkey Day column. It simply means I am keeping it real like I always do. Yep, it's business as usual my minions...gobble, gobble!

Tea Bags or Tea Bagging? Know the difference???

Every Thanksgiving I wonder: What do Victoria's Secret Models eat today?

For the record I copped a feel off Billy Idol's ass once

Oh Fang! "My cooking is so bad my kids thought Thanksgiving was to commemorate Pearl Harbor." - Phyllis Diller

Sandy Zacky's "White Christmas" is a treasure, yep, it's Thanksgiving so listen to it, and listen to it now!

There is always something there to remind me...of what? I don't know
David Cassidy
David Cassidy passed away. I remember fantasizing hard about this Annie Leibovitz shot image of him from Rolling Stone. It's all about the pubic hair.

What? You want more Christmas? Damn! It's only Thanksgiving!!! OK, here you go Mike Clifford's rendition of "The Christmas Song"

Alright, I will tell you WTF I am thankful for. My friends, my family, my life. The usual suspects.

My advice to anyone? No matter what, keep smiling. Even if you aren't happy it's contagious and has the power to disturb others.

Something I would be thankful for? Anything that would truly make America great again instead of this dictatorship I did not vote for.

On that note, I am thankful turkey has Trytophan, sleep it does a body good

Today will be glorious, I am loving a day with nothing to attend to, except eating!

Boxing is my new jam!

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