Tuesday, June 12, 2018

"Will You Love Me Tomorrow" Mike Clifford

You Will Absolutely Love Him!
Mike Clifford
Former Teen Idol and Entertain Me favorite, Mike Clifford has come a long way since his Close to Cathy days. He is living proof that you aren't getting older, you are getting F#cking Better!

Mike is here to hit us with his best shot yet. An amazing cover of the Carole King chestnut Will You Love Me Tomorrow.

I asked Mike to name ten things he will always love, no matter what, tomorrow. Behold the anointed ones...

1) Classic Cars
2) Mexican Food
3) Dogs & Cats
4) Aircraft
5) PBS
6) The Wizard od OZ
7) Space Exlporation
8) The Ocean
9) Butterflies
10) Every Flower on Earth

Stop and smell all the flowers with Mike. Feel the love by watching the video for Will You  Love Me Tomorrow after the jump.

PS Yours truly has a blink and you miss it cameo in it - OK, now it's time to watch it, and watch it now! Jump minions, jump for Mike's love! 

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